Ss. Peter & Paul Russian Orthodox Church
Scranton, Pennsylvania
Moscow Patriarchate
Service Schedule
Week of 17 October 2021


SUNDAY, 4/17 OCTOBER: SEVENTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST; (Tone 8); Hieromartyr Hierotheos, Bishop of Athens(+1st C); Uncovering of the Relics of Saints Gurias, Archbishop of Kazan, and Barsanuphius, Bishop of Tver(1595); Sobor of the Saints of Kazan; Right-believing Prince  Vladimir Yaroslavich of Novgorod, Wonderworker(+1052); Saints Hellladius and Onesimus of the Kiev Caves(+12th-13th C); Saint Ammon, recluse of the Kiev Caves(+13th C); Martyrs Gaius, Faustus, Eusebius and Chaeremon(+3rd C); Hieromartyr Peter of Capetolia(+3rd-4th C); Martyrs Domnina and her daughters Bernice (Veronica) and Prosdoce (+305-306); Saint Ammon(+c350) and Saint Paul the Simple(+4th C), of Egypt; Martyrs Adauctus and his daughterCallisthene(+4th C); Saint Stephan Stiljanovich of Serbia(+1515); Hieromartyr Dimitri, presbyter(+1918); Hieromartyrs Nicholas, Michael, James(Jacob) and Tikhon, presbyters and Venerable-martyr Basil(+1937); Saint Hionia, Confessor(+1945):


9:40AM-   Hours,   Divine Liturgy

                  Epistle: 2Cor.6,16;-7,1                                           Gospel: Lk.6,31-36  (19th Sunday)


Panikhida for: + Elaine Pukita, + Nicholas Trunzo (12th Annual) requested by Kenneth Pukita



SUNDAY, 11/24 OCTOBER: EIGHTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST; (Tone 1);Commemoration of the Holy Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council (787); Apostle Philip, one of the Seven Deacons (+1st C); Saint Theophane the Confessor, Composer of Canons, Bishop of Nicaea (+c850); Saint Leo of Optina (+1841); Sobor of All Saints of Optina; Saint Theophane the faster of the Kiev Caves(+12th C); Martyrs Zenaida and Philonilla (+1st C); Hieromartyrs Philaret and Alexander, presbyters (+1918):


9:40AM-   Hours,   Divine Liturgy

                  Epistle:  2Cor.9,6-11                                             Gospel: Lk.7,11-16  (20th Sunday)