Ss. Peter & Paul Russian Orthodox Church
Scranton, Pennsylvania
Moscow Patriarchate
Service Schedule
Week of 11 APRIL 2021



Saint John of the Ladder (Climacus) (commemorated on the 4th Sunday of the Great Fast); Martyrs Mark, Bishop of Arethusa, Cyril the deacon, and many others who suffered under Julian the Apostate(+c364); Saint John the hermit(+4th C); Saint Eustathius the Confessor, Bishop of Bithynia(+9th C); Saints Mark (+15th C) and Jonah (+1480) of the Pskov Caves; Saint Michael the Confessor, presbyter (+1933):


9:40AM-   Hours,   Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil the Great

                  Epistle:   Heb.6,13-20                                                    Gospel: Mk.9,17-31


                   Panikhida for   + Mary Orzolek   requested by Saints Martha and Mary Sisterhood


Thursday, 2/15 April:   Thursday of the Great Canon.  Saint Titus the Wonderworker (+9th C); Martyrs Amphianus and Edesius of Patara (+306); Martyr Polycarp of Alexandria (+4th C):


6:00PM-  (Wednesday eveningThe Great Canon of Saint Andrew of Crete


Saturday, 4/17 April:  Praises to the Most Holy Theotokos. (Saturday of the Akathist);

Saint Joseph the Hymnographer(+883); Saint George of Mount Maleon (+9th C); Saint Zosimus, who found Saint Mary of Egypt in the Jordan desert (+c560):


6:00PM-  (Friday eveningAkathist to the Most Holy Theotokos


SUNDAY, 5/18 APRIL: FIFTH SUNDAY OF THE GREAT FAST; (Tone 4);  SAINT MARY OF EGYPT (commemorated on the 5th Sunday of the Great Fast); Martyrs Agathopodes the deacon, Theodulus the Reader and those with them(+c303); Translation of the Relics of Saint Job, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia (1652); Saint Publius of Egypt (+4th C); Saints Theonas, Simeon and Phorbinus of Egypt (+4th C); Saint Mark of Athens (+c400); Saint Plato the Confessor, hegumen of Studion Monastery (+814); Saint Theodora of Thessalonica (+892); Hieromartyr Alexis, presbyter(+1930); Hieromartyr Nicholas, presbyter (+1931):


9:40AM-   Hours,   Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil the Great

                  Epistle: Heb.9,11-14                                                    Gospel: Mk.10,32-45