Ss. Peter & Paul Russian Orthodox Church
Scranton, Pennsylvania
Moscow Patriarchate
Service Schedule
Week of 10 DECEMBER 2023


SUNDAY, 27 NOVEMBER/10 DECEMBER: TWENTY-SEVENTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST;  (Tone 2); Icon of the Mother-of-God called “Znamenie”- “of the Sign”*; The Sign of the Most Holy Theotokos which was in Great Novgorod in 1170; Great-martyr James the Persian (+421); Saint Palladius of Thessalonica (+6th-7th C); Saint James, Bishop of Rostov (+1392); Uncovering of the Relics of Right-believing Prince Vsevolod of Novgorod, in Holy Baptism Gabriel, Wonderworker of Pskov (1192); Saint Andrew of Simbirsk (+1841); Sobor of the New-martyrs and Confessors of Radonezh; The 17 Venerable Monk-Martyrs of India (+4th C); Hieromartyrs Nicholas, Archbishop of Vladimir, Basil Sokolov, Boris Ivanosky, Theodore Dorofiev, Nicholas Andreyev, Alexis Speransky, John Glazkov, Sergius Amanov, John Krustalev, Sergius Brednikov, Nicholas Pokrovsky, Dimitri Belyayev, Vladimir Smirnov, John Smirnov the presbyters and Venerable-martyrs Ioasaph, Cronides, Nicholas, Xenophont, Alexis, Appolos, Seraphim, Nikon and Martyr John Emilianov(+1937):


9:40AM-   Hours,   Divine Liturgy

                  Epistle:  Eph.6,10-17                                                        Gospel: Lk.13,10-17


                  Moleben to the Icon of the Mother-of-God called “The Sign”*

*the Icon of the Mother-of-God  called “The Sign” is represented on the center stained-glass window on the north side of our church. “Most Holy Theotokos, save us!”




SUNDAY, 4/17 DECEMBER: TWENTY-EIGHTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST; (Tone 3); Great Martyr Barbara and Martyr Juliana (+c306); Saint John of Damascus (+c780); Saint John, Bishop of Polybotom (+8th C); Saint Gennadius, Archbishop of Novgorod (+1505); Hioeromartyrs Alexis Saburov, John Pyankov, Alexander Posokhin and Nicholas Yakhontov the presbyters, Basil Kashina the deacon and with them ten martyrs (+1918); Hieromartyr Dimitri Nevedomsky the presbyter, Venerable-martyr Anastasia Titov and Martyrs Catherine Arskoy and Kyra Obolensky (+1937):


9:40AM-   Hours,   Divine Liturgy

                  Epistle:  Col.1, 12-18                                            Gospel:   Lk.17,12-19 (29th Sunday)

                  Moleben to Great-Martyr Barbara