Ss. Peter & Paul Russian Orthodox Church
Scranton, Pennsylvania
Moscow Patriarchate
Service Schedule
Week of 16 January 2022


SUNDAY, 3/16 JANUARY: THIRTIETH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST; SUNDAY BEFORE THEOPHANY; (Tone 5); Prophet Malachi (+400 BC); Martyr Gordius at Caesarea in Cappadocia (+4th C); Saint Genevieve of Paris (+512); Hieromartyr Basil, presbyter (+1938):


9:40AM-   Hours,   Divine Liturgy

                  Epistle: 2Tim.4,5-8               (Sun.B4 Theophany)                  Gospel: Mk.1,1-8




Tuesday, 5/18 January: EVE  OF  THEOPHANY; Hieromartyr Theopemptus, Bishop of Nicomedia, and Martyr Theonas the Magus (+303); Saint Syncletica of Alexandria (+c350); Saint Simeon of the Pskov Caves (+1960); Prophet Micah (+9th C BC); Saint Apollonaria (+c470); Saint Phosterius (+9th C); Saint Menas of Sinai (+6th C); Saint Gregory of Akrita (+c820); Hieromartyr Andrew, presbyter (+1920); Martyr Joseph and 37 Martyrs with him (+1921); Martyr Eugenia (+1933); Hieromartyr Sergius, presbyter (+1934); Martyr Matthew (+1938):


8:40AM-   Vespers with Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil the Great

                   at Vespers:   Old Testament Readings

                   at Liturgy:   Epistle: 1Cor.9,19-27                        Gospel:   Lk.3,1-18 





Wednesday, 6/19 January: HOLY THEOPHANY. 

                                            The Baptism of our Lord, God and Saviour JESUS CHRIST


8:40AM-  Hours,    Divine Liturgy

                 Epistle: Titus 2,11-14;3,4-7                                      Gospel: Mt.3,13-17


                 Great Blessing of Water




SUNDAY, 10/23 JANUARY: THIRTY-FIRST SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST; SUNDAY AFTER THEOPHANY; (Tone 6); Saint Gregory, Bishop of Nyssa (+after 394); Saint Dometian, Bishop of Melitene (+601); Saint Marcian, presbyter of Constantinople (+5th C); Saint Paul, hegumen of Obnora (+1429);  Saint Antipas of Valaam (Athos) (+1882);  Saint Theophan, Recluse of Vysha Monastery (+1894); Saint Macarius of Pisma Monastery (+14th C); Saint Theosebia the deaconess, sister of Saint Gregory of Nyssa (+385); Hieromartyr Zenobius,  presbyter (+1920); Hieromartyr Peter, presbyter (+1930); Hieromartyr Anatoly, Metropolitan of Odessa (+1938):


9:40AM-   Hours,   Divine Liturgy

                  Epistle: Eph.4,7-13                   (Sun.Af.Theo.)                    Gospel: Mt.4,12-17