Ss. Peter & Paul Russian Orthodox Church
Scranton, Pennsylvania
Moscow Patriarchate
Service Schedule
Week of 26 March 2023


SUNDAY, 13/26 MARCH: FOURTH SUNDAY OF THE GREAT FAST; (Tone 8); Saint John Climacus (“of the Ladder”  - commemorated on the 4th Sunday of the Great Fast); Translation of the Relics of Saint Nicephorus, Patriarch of Constantinople (846); Martyr Sabinus of Egypt (+287); Martyrs Africanus, Publius and Terence (+3rd C); Martyr Alexander of Macedonia (+305-311); Martyr Christina of Persia (+4th C); Hieromartyr Nicholas, presbyter (+1919); Hieromartyr Gregory, presbyter (+1921):


9:40AM-   Hours,   Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil the Great

                  Epistle:  Heb.6,13-21                                                     Gospel: Mk.9,17-31




Thursday, 17/30 March:   Thursday of the Great Canon;  Saint Alexius the Man of God (+411); Saint Macarius, Hegumen of Kaliazin, Wonderworker (+1483); Hieromartyr Alexander, presbyter (+1919); Hieromartyr Victor, presbyter(+1942);  Saint Patrick, Enlightener of Ireland (+461):


6:00PM-   (Wednesday evening) :  Matins with the Great Penitential Canon   

                                                         of Saint Andrew of Crete



Friday, 18/31 March:  Saint Cyril, Archbishop of Jerusalem (+386); Martyrs Trophim and Eucarpus (+c300); Hieromartyr Dimitrius, presbyter, and Venerable-martyr Natalia (+1938):


9:30AM-   Third, Sixth, Ninth Hours;   Typical Psalms

                  At 6th Hour:   Isaiah 45,11-17



Saturday, 19 March/1 April:  Praises to the Most Holy Theotokos (Saturday of the Akathist); Martyrs Chrysanthus and Daria (+283) and with them Claudius the Tribune and his wife Hilaria,  Jason and Maurus their sons, Diodorus the presbyter and Marianus the deacon; Smolensk Icon of the Mother-of-God called “Tender Feeling” (1103):


9:30AM-   Akathist to the Smolensk Icon of the Mother-of-God called “Tender Feeling”





Saint Mary of Egypt  (commemorated on the 5th Sunday of the Great Fast); The Venerable Fathers slain at the Monastery of Saint Sabbas – John, Sergius, Patrick and others (+796); Venerable-martyr Euphrosynus of “Sinozersk” (“Blue Jay Lake”), Novgorod (+1612); Martyr Photina (Svetlana) the Samaritan woman, her sons Martyrs Victor, called Photinus, and Joses, Martyrs Anatolia, Phota, Photida, Paraskeva, Kyriake, Domnina and Martyr Sebastian (+c 66); Martyrs Alexandra, Claudia, Euphrasia, Matrona, Juliana, Euphemia and Theodosia (+310); Saint Nikita the Confessor, Archbishop of Appolonias in Bithynia (+c 813-820); Hieromartyr Vladimir, presbyter (+ 1918); Hieromartyr Basil, deacon (+1938):


9:40AM-   Hours,   Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil the Great

                   Epistle: Heb.9,11-14                                                 Gospel: Mk.10,32-45