Ss. Peter & Paul Russian Orthodox Church
Scranton, Pennsylvania
Moscow Patriarchate


  1. WE WELCOME YOU to Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church! We are happy to have you visit and worship the Lord God with us. If you would like more information about our Parish and, perhaps, becoming a parishioner, please, see Father Basil or visit our website: , or phone the rectory at    570 -343-8128  (if no answer, let phone ring 8 times and leave a message.)  God Bless you!        


  1. SUNDAY SCHOOL classes for the current school-year are held each Sunday in the School/Center. Sessions begin following Divine Liturgy. Students in grades Kindergarten through 8 (and beyond!) are encouraged to attend. We say “Thank You” to our teachers, parents, grandparents, Sunday School staff and all who support our Sunday School programme. Let us learn about our Orthodox Faith and Traditions – and put them into practice.  God Bless you!


  1. CHURCH CLEANING for this week, 25 February: TEAM  3   -----   Sandra Wallick, Sonja Czachor, Mary Ann Hogan and anyone else who can and cares enough to help.  Please, remember to tend to the Holy Icons, candlestands and the main aisle before leaving church today. We need a few more volunteers (women and men) to supplement our cleaning teams. Can you help for an hour or so each month? Please, let Father Basil know. (570-343-8128).   God Bless! “ O GOD, BE MERCIFUL TO ME, A SINNER!” - Prayer of the Publican –


  1. SOUP FOR YOU! A home-made Manhattan CLAM CHOWDER sale will be held on: Fridays, 8 March, 22 March  at our Parish Center from 10AM until 2PM. Orders are encouraged. To order see the order form in the vestibule or phone: 570-842-6476   or   570-343-8128 (leave message with order and date for pick-up). Enjoy!  God Bless!


  1. 5. OUR PARISH HALL (SCHOOL/CENTER) is in dire need of repair. The Parish Council is and has been seeking estimates to complete the necessary work. Some bids have already been received. We expect to begin this project as soon as possible. Please, pray for a successful completion of this work for the good of our parish. God Bless!!! Thank you! God Bless!


  1. VISIT OUR new and improved parish website  Keep up with news and Divine Services, photos, links to Orthodox sites and more.   Be a website Sponsor for a donation of just $25 per month. Sponsorship forms are available in the narthex. We need donations to keep our parish website on-line. PLEASE, favourably consider sponsoring the website for a month or more.     God Bless you!


  1. THE HOLY FIRE, from the Church of the Resurrection * in Jerusalem, burns brightly in the lampadas in our church. If you wish to make a donation for the burning of the Holy Fire in the Altar (Sanctuary) or Nave (main body) of our temple, please, stop at the candle-desk. Offering intentions may be made for the health and salvation of family and friends, or for the blessed repose of departed Christians. A donation of $25 per month is requested to cover the cost of candles. [A “link” has been included on our website for more information about the  HOLY FIRE. Log-on to it when you have time.] God Bless!                                                   


  1. JUST A reminder: Our annual contribution to the Cathedraticum for the Patriarchal Parishes is fifty ($50.00) dollars per parishioner per year. This is more than reasonable (only one dollar per week). Please, actively support our Russian Orthodox Church in the USA by faithfully using your Cathedraticum envelopes.  God Bless!


  1. LIVE-STREAMING, and encore viewing, of the Divine Liturgy is available at -  and in living colour on the radio at  94.3 FM from  Saint John’s  Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Mayfield,  - Sunday at 9:30AM. -  from Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, Baltimore,  (Archpriest John Vass).  – Sunday at 10:00AM  This is offered for those who, for a serious reason, cannot come to church on Sunday for the celebration of the Divine Liturgy. It is NOT a substitute for NOT attending Divine Liturgy in church on Sunday or any other day. God Bless! 


  1. A WORD of “THANKS!” to our faithful parishioners and friends who tend to the beauty of the temple/church and parish grounds and cemetery. You know what “they say – no one notices housekeeping and landscaping work unless it is NOT done.” YOUR WORK in the House-of-God and its properties does not go un-noticed. We appreciate your labours and know that the Lord God blesses and accepts your offering of time and talent. Again , “THANK YOU” for caring about the beauty of the House of God, its property and cemetery.. God Bless you!


  1. HAPPENING NEXT Sunday, 3 March: -  COFFEE HOUR is planned at the Center following Divine Liturgy. Everybody of you is welcome to stop-in and enjoy some beverages, a nosh, pleasant company and uplifting conversation.  Check-out the repairs that need to be done, too. - THE PARISH COUNCIL is scheduled to convene for its regular, monthly session. All Council members are asked to attend. Parishioners are welcome, too. Gos Bless!


  1. WINTER HAS found a home in NorthEast PennsylvaniA [NEPA]! Time to stock-up on rock salt, ice melt, keep the snow shovels handy, put chains on the tires(?- remember those days!?) and get ready for those heating bills! BUT the GOOD NEWS IS Spring arrives in Scranton on  Tuesday, 19 March, 2024 at 11:06PM – it’s only 23 days till spring!  God Bless!  The robins will soon be back! Keep a close watch for them!


The Jesus Prayer
[ pray this prayer often during the day ]




[A word to our Parishioners and Friends:   When making your Last Will and Testament, please, be sure to include Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church among your beneficiaries. The Church has helped, guided and nourished you throughout your entire life. Making a final bequest to our Parish will help you and it will help your Parish. Pray and consider this.  God Bless you!]