1. WE WELCOME YOU to Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church!  We are happy to have you visit and worship with us. If you
would like more information about our Parish and, perhaps, becoming a member, please, see Father Basil or visit our website: www.
saintspeterandpaulscranton.com , or phone the rectory at 570 -343-8128.  God Bless you!

2. SUNDAY SCHOOL classes are in hiatus for the summer months.
Sunday School classes will resume on Sunday, 17 September. All Sunday School students, parents and teachers are still expected to be in
church for Divine Liturgy every Sunday and Holyday during the summer months!!! (observe the “Summer Schedule”)

3. THE PARISH COUNCIL will convene for the combined August/September meeting on Sunday, 3 September (Labour Day weekend).
The meeting will be held in the Parish Hall following Divine Liturgy that Sunday. All parish Council members are asked to attend.
Coffee Hour and the August/September 50/50 will be held, also, on 3 September.

3a. Parishioners who are interested in the future of our parish and who wish to be an active voice on our Parish Council are encouraged to
attend the next Parish Council meeting.  We look forward to welcoming parishioners who are interested in supporting our parish spiritual
life and administration. The Annual Parish Meeting is scheduled to be held on Sunday, 22 October. The future of our Parish  is in your
hands! YOU ARE the future of our Parish! Please, pray and consider becoming a member of our Parish Council.

4. “SUMMER SCHEDULE” for Sunday Divine Liturgy is currently in effect and continues through  Sunday, 3 September. Sunday Hours
and Divine Liturgy will commence at 8:40AM. Please, note this change of time  and inform the rooster and set your alarm clock
Don’t presume on the Lord’s mercy and disturb others by waltzing into church late. Come to church on time (just like we arrive on time
for work and school and the movies and anything else we consider important!).  

5. ORTHODOX BELIEVERS are reminded:
- The Dormition Fast continues until the Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos, 15/28 August. Please, observe this fast as best as you
- The Feast of the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos is on Monday, 15/28 August. This is a great feast honouring the Falling-Asleep
of the Mother-of-God. According to pious tradition,  flowers and herbs are brought to church to be blessed on this day. Blessing of
Flowers and fragrant herbs will be at the conclusion of Divine Liturgy on the day of the Feast.

6. SEVERAL ARTICLES for use during Divine Services are in need of re-gilding or refurbishing. If you can make a donation towards this
worthy project, please, leave it at the candledesk and mark the envelope “REGILDING”.  Thanks!  God Bless!
Zeon cups and plates, which are used during the Divine Liturgy for the admixture of  the “warmth of the Holy Spirit” have been
refurbished, as has our Holy Water container and aspergillum. MANY THANKS to our faithful parishioners and friends who support this  
liturgical necessity. God Bless you!

7. CHURCH CLEANING this week, 20 August: TEAM  3–   Sandra Wallick, Sonja Czachor, Mary Ann Hogan  and anyone else who can
help.  Please, remember to care for the Holy Icons and the main aisle before leaving church today. Thank you.
We respectfully remind our Cleaning Teams that the assigned Team make arrangements to clean the church more thoroughly during the
week (not only on Sunday, after Liturgy) If you can offer an hour or two each month to help keep our church in proper condition, please,
use the sign-up sheet at the candle-desk and let us know you are willing to help our church. Thank you and God Bless you!  We need your

8. VISIT OUR new and improved parish website  www.saintspeterandpaulscranton.com
Keep up with news and Divine Services, photos, links to Orthodox sites and more.  
Be a website Sponsor for a donation of just $15 per month. Sponsorship forms are available in the narthex. We need donations to keep
our parish website on-line. PLEASE, favourably consider sponsoring the website for a month or more.     God Bless you!

9. THE HOLY FIRE (vintage 2017) from the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem, burns brightly in the lampadas in our church. If
you wish to make a donation for the burning of the Holy Fire in the Altar (Sanctuary) or Nave (main body) of our temple, please, stop at
the candle-desk. Offering intentions may be made for the health and salvation of family and friends, or for the blessed repose of departed
Christians. A donation of $25 per month is requested to cover the cost of candles. God Bless!  [A “link” has been included on our website
for more information about the HOLY FIRE. Log-on to it when you have time.)

10. JUST A reminder:  Our annual contribution for the Cathedraticum to the Patriarchal Parishes is fifty ($50.00) dollars per parishioner
per year. This is more than reasonable (only one dollar per week). Please, actively support our Russian Orthodox Church in the USA by
faithfully using your “Cathedraticum” envelopes. Try to give your fair share(and more, if possible) to help the good work done by His
Excellency Bishop JOHN throughout our Patriarchal Parishes in the United States. Thank you and God Bless! Thank you for your faithful
support of the Patriarchal Parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church in the United States. God Bless you!

11. THE DIVINE LITURGY is now broadcast live and in living colour on the radio each Sunday from Saint John’s Russian Orthodox
Cathedral, Mayfield. Tune in to 94.3FM  Sunday morning at 9:30AM. (Also available via internet: www.talker943.com  and live-streaming
on  www.stjohnsmayfield.org . This radio-broadcast is for the benefit of those who are unable to come to church for Divine Liturgy. It is
NOT a substitute for not attending Divine Liturgy here at Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church, Scranton.   
- The Divine Liturgy is, “live-streamed” on Sunday at 10:00AM from Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, Baltimore, Maryland
(Archpriest John Vass, pastor) via their website at  www.holytrinityorthodox.com  On the “home page” look for  live streamed Divine
Services  in the left-hand column, and click on the proper place.  

12.  MANY THANKS to our faithful parishioners and friends who religiously attend to the upkeep of our church and parish properties.
Our church cleaning teams, lawn maintenance, those who trim the trees, weed whackers,  cemetery upkeep, School/Center remodeling
and cleaning crew – you all deserve a vote of “thanks” for their efforts. May the Lord God Bless you all!



[A word to our Parishioners and Friends:   When making your Last Will and Testament, please, be sure to include Saints Peter and Paul
Russian Orthodox Church among your beneficiaries. The Church has helped, guided and nourished you throughout your entire life.
Making a final bequest to our Parish will help you and it will help your Parish. Pray and consider this.  God Bless you!]
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