1. WE WELCOME YOU to Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church!  We are happy to have you visit
and worship the Lord God with us. If you would like more information about our Parish and, perhaps, becoming
a parishioner, please, see Father Basil or visit our website: www.saintspeterandpaulscranton.com , or phone the
rectory at 570 -343-8128.  God Bless you!

2. MANY THANKS to “everybody of you” who helped make last Sunday’s  Annual Chicken Barbecue Dinner a
sterling success! The cuisine was exceptional (those chickens really came through for us! We appreciate their
sacrifice.). Our Four-Star Chefs did a fantastic job at the  open-fire pit; the indoor kitchen food was right on the
mark – perfect accompaniments for perfect poultry! There were many, many positive compliments. Everyone
who helped deserves an “atta boy!” and a pat-on-the-back! Special thanks to those who prepared the food, set-
up the hall, served our guests and commandeered  the well-organized and busy take-out area. A HUGE
“Spaseeboh” to the stalwart helpers who came early and stayed until all the clean-up was done -  “The first to
arrive and the last to leave!”  Thank you for your love for our Parish.  
May God Bless you all!

3. CHURCH CLEANING for the week of  21 July: TEAM  4 -  Maria Lozada, Donna Ferkile, Stephen Dreater,
Michael Senyk and anyone else who can help.  Please, remember to care for the Holy Icons and the main aisle
before leaving church today. Thank you. We respectfully remind our Cleaning Teams that the assigned Team
make arrangements to clean the church more thoroughly during the week (not only on Sunday, after Liturgy). If
you can offer an hour or two each month to help keep our church in proper condition, please, use the sign-up
sheet at the candle-desk and let us know you are willing to help our church. Thank you and God Bless

4. THE ROOF on our church needs to be repaired/ replaced. This is an important and major project for us which
must be addressed. The estimate for the roof repair/ replacement, as accepted at the Special Parish Meeting held
on 5 August, 2018, is $43,445.00.  We need your help; please, make an offering for the Roof Fund. Thanks!  God
Bless! In addition, a second collection will be taken each Sunday to benefit the Roof Fund. Your understanding
and consideration are very much appreciated. Please, pray for the success of this important work. Initial repairs
have begun! With the weather’s co-operation, temporary patches have been applied to strategic areas on the
church roof. This will  prevent further damage. The completion of the roof project is to begin very soon. Thank
you and God Bless!

With the blessing of His Excellency Bishop MATTHEW, the Fourteenth Convocation of the Patriarchal Parishes
will be held at Antiochian Village, (Ligonier)Bolivar, Pennsylvania, from
30 September through 3 October, 2019. Official documents regarding the Convocation have arrived.    Next year,
2020, marks the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the Patriarchal Parishes in the United States. How shall
we mark this special event? Give it some thought and let your ideas and suggestions be known. Contact Father
Basil or the Parish Council with your ideas. Thanks! Please, pray for a fruitful and productive Convocation. God

5a. DELEGATES TO the Convocation:  According to the by-laws of the Patriarchal Parishes,
our parish is allowed two (2) delegates – one (1) from clergy and one (1) from laity.
Father Basil is an automatic delegate as pastor of the parish and as a member of the Bishop’s Council (but he has
only one (1) vote!). All members of the Bishop’s Council are automatic delegates to the Convocation. Our parish
is allowed one (1) other delegate from the laity.
The delegate must be an adult, a registered member of the parish and able to attend the Convocation. We are
seeking sincere candidates who are interested in representing our parish at the Convocation. Please, pray and
consider this important assignment. Contact Father Basil or the Parish Council if you are interested in being a
delegate.  The delegate will be selected at the next meeting of the Parish Council. God Bless  and help us in this!

6. THE NEXT meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled for Sunday, 4 August. The session will be held in the
Parish Center following Divine Liturgy. All Council members are asked to attend. The upcoming 14th
Convocation of the Patriarchal Parishes and representation from our parish will be on the agenda.  Coffee Hour
and the August 50/50 will be held prior to the meeting. God Bless!

7. NOTA BENE: “Summer schedule” is in effect! This means that on Sunday, HOURS/ DIVINE LITURGY
BEGIN AT 8:40AM. This will continue through  Sunday, 25 August.
Please, set your alarm clocks accordingly! Be on time for church. Our Lord waits for you, He looks forward to
seeing you – don’t disappoint Him. God Bless!

8. VISIT OUR new and improved parish website  www.saintspeterandpaulscranton.com
Keep up with news and Divine Services, photos, links to Orthodox sites and more.  
Be a website Sponsor for a donation of just $15 per month. Sponsorship forms are available in the narthex. We
need donations to keep our parish website on-line. PLEASE, favourably consider sponsoring the website for a
month or more.     God Bless you!

9. THE HOLY FIRE, from the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem, burns brightly in the lampadas in our
church. If you wish to make a donation for the burning of the Holy Fire in the Altar (Sanctuary) or Nave (main
body) of our temple, please, stop at the candle-desk. Offering intentions may be made for the health and
salvation of family and friends, or for the blessed repose of departed Christians. A donation of $25 per month is
requested to cover the cost of candles. God Bless!  [A “link” has been included on our website for more
information about the HOLY FIRE. Log-on to it when you have time.)

10. JUST A reminder:  Our annual contribution for the Cathedraticum to the Patriarchal Parishes is fifty ($50.00)
dollars per parishioner per year. This is more than reasonable (only one dollar per week). Please, actively support
our Russian Orthodox Church in the USA by faithfully using your “Cathedraticum” envelopes. God Bless!

11. LIVE-STREAMING, and encore viewing, of the Divine Liturgy is available at- www.stjohnsmayfield.org  
and in living colour on the radio at  94.3 FM from  Saint John’s  Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Mayfield,  -
Sunday at 9:30AM.
- www.holytrinityorthodox.com  from Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, Baltimore,
(Archpriest John Vass).  – Sunday at 10:00AM
This is offered for those who, for a serious reason, cannot come to church on Sunday for the celebration of the
Divine Liturgy. It is NOT a substitute for NOT attending Divine Liturgy in church on Sunday. God Bless!

12. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY: The Parish Council has favourably considered a proposal to begin the process
of securing a Parish Veterans Memorial Plaque in our church vestibule. This plaque will contain the names (and
other vital information) of members of our Parish who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States of
America during time of war or peacetime, active service or reserve. We ask your help in finding their names,
dates of service, branch of service, medals awarded, engagement in major military campaigns and any other
information you may provide. A sample plaque will be available for inspection before the final plaque is
fabricated. Your help is very much appreciated. Nomination forms are available in the church vestibule.
Completed forms may be returned to the candle-desk.  Please, contact George Kofira, Chairman, with any
questions. God Bless America!

3. GOING ON VACATION? You can find an Orthodox Church at or near your destination by logging on
orthodoxyinamerica.org   Go to church!

                                                                    GLORY TO GOD FOR ALL THINGS!

[A word to our Parishioners and Friends:   When making your Last Will and Testament, please, be sure to include Saints Peter and Paul
Russian Orthodox Church among your beneficiaries. The Church has helped, guided and nourished you throughout your entire life.
Making a final bequest to our Parish will help you and it will help your Parish. Pray and consider this.  God Bless you!]
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