1. WE  WELCOME YOU to Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church!  We are happy to have you visit
and worship the Lord God with us. If you would like more information about our Parish and, perhaps,
becoming a parishioner, please, see Father Basil or visit our website: www.saintspeterandpaulscranton.com , or
phone the rectory at 570 -343-8128.  God Bless you!             

2. SUNDAY SCHOOL classes for the current school year are in session. We welcome our students and
teachers for a year of learning about our Orthodox Faith. Classes commence after Divine Liturgy and will be
held in the upper classroom of the School-Center. Students in grades Pre-K through 8 are strongly urged to
attend weekly sessions. We thank the parents and grandparents for their continued co-operation with our
Sunday School programme. May the Lord God Bless our Sunday School teachers, students and all who support
our Parish Sunday School.  God Bless!

3. WE CONGRATULATE the members of our PARISH COUNCIL who were elected at our Annual Parish
Meeting last Sunday. We are grateful to them for their willingness to serve our Parish and, by extension, their
service to the Orthodox Church. May the Lord God Bless them and grant to our Parish Council peace, good
health, prosperity in their undertakings, salvation and MANY YEARS!   MNOGAYA LETA!   MANY YEARS!
We express our gratitude, also, to our parishioners and friends who assist our Parish Council in their holy
labours for the well-being of our Parish and the Holy Church. God Bless you all!

The members of the Parish Council for 2020-2021 are:
ROBERT LOZADA     – Recording Secretary           JOHN PONCAVAGE – 2 Year Trustee
MARY ANN HOGAN – Financial Secretary             SONJA CZACHOR     - 1 Year Trustee
TIMOTHY MICEK      – Treasurer                             SANDRA WALLICK – 1 Year Trustee

-   THE PARISH COUNCIL is scheduled to meet today, Sunday, 1 November, 2020.
The session will be held in the Parish School-Center following Divine Liturgy. All Council members are asked
to be present. God Bless!
-  A modified COFFEE HOUR will be held after Liturgy. You are welcome to come to the Center and enjoy
good fellowship and a tasty nosh before heading home for the rest of the Lord’s Day.
-   THE NOVEMBER 50/50 will be held during Coffee Hour. Shares for this popular lotto are available for a
donation of one ($1.00) dollar per share. Perhaps November will be your month to rake-in the moolah?!! God

5. CHURCH CLEANING for the week of  1 November: TEAM  2:    Maryann Capwell, Barbara Togher, Marie
Vass, Mary Orzolek  and anyone else who can help.  Please, remember to care for the Holy Icons and the main
aisle before leaving church today.    Thank you and God Bless! We respectfully remind our Cleaning Teams
that the assigned Team make arrangements to clean the church more thoroughly during the week (not only on

6. HAPPENING SOON at Saints Peter and Paul:
November, 2020.  In-house, oven roasted turkey with traditional trimmings headlines the bill-of-fare! Since we
anticipate that Pan Demic Covid will still be hanging around, this Turkey Dinner will be TAKE-OUT ONLY.
We must approach this scenario in a new way – it will be different from our usual Turkey Dinner. SO, we ask
your help in handling this important fund-raiser for our parish. We need and rely on the help of our parishioners
and friends to make this a success. More information about how you can help is available in the vestibule.
Please, help make this “take-out only” dinner a success!
Tickets for this All-Parish TAKE-OUT ONLY event will be distributed to all parishioners. Additional tickets
will be available, too, for a donation of $12.00 per dinner. God Bless!

-  OUR ANNUAL CHRISTMAS COOKIE & TREATS sale is planned for Saturday and Sunday, the weekend
of 12/13 December, 2020, from noon until 2:00PM. We ask our parishioners to bake and supply their favourite
cookies and other Christmas treats for this event. Many thanks for your help! God Bless!

7. THE ROOF on our church needs to be repaired/ replaced. This is an important and major project for us
which must be addressed. The estimate for the roof repair/ replacement, as accepted at the Special Parish
Meeting held on 5 August, 2018, is $43,445.00.  We need your help; please, make an offering for the Roof
Fund. Thanks!  God Bless! In addition, a second collection will be taken each Sunday to benefit the Roof Fund.
Your understanding and consideration are very much appreciated. Please, pray for the success of this important
Initial repairs have begun! Roofing materials have been delivered. Work on replacing the roof will begin very
soon! God Bless!

7a. BREAKING NEWS! Work on replacing the church roof continues! A crew has been here replacing the
roof. This work will continue until the entire church roof is completely replaced. That’s good! Please, pray for
good weather (no rain – or rain only at night!) so the project can be completed ASAP.  God Bless this work!

8. VISIT OUR new and improved parish website  www.saintspeterandpaulscranton.com
Keep up with news and Divine Services, photos, links to Orthodox sites and more.  
Be a website Sponsor for a donation of just $25 per month.* Sponsorship forms are available in the narthex.
We need donations to keep our parish website on-line. PLEASE, favourably consider sponsoring the website
for a month or more.     God Bless you!
* The cost to keep our website up and running on-line has increased. This is the first increase since our website
began several years ago. Your continued support, encouragement and generosity are very much appreciated.

9. THE HOLY FIRE, from the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem, burns brightly in the lampadas in our
church. If you wish to make a donation for the burning of the Holy Fire in the Altar (Sanctuary) or Nave (main
body) of our temple, please, stop at the candle-desk. Offering intentions may be made for the health and
salvation of family and friends, or for the blessed repose of departed Christians. A donation of $25 per month is
requested to cover the cost of candles. God Bless!  [A “link” has been included on our website for more
information about the HOLY FIRE. Log-on to it when you have time.] God Bless!

10. JUST A reminder:  Our annual contribution for the Cathedraticum to the Patriarchal Parishes is fifty
($50.00) dollars per parishioner per year. This is more than reasonable (only one dollar per week). Please,
actively support our Russian Orthodox Church in the USA by faithfully using your “Cathedraticum” envelopes.
God Bless!

11. LIVE-STREAMING, and encore viewing, of the Divine Liturgy is available at- www.stjohnsmayfield.org  
and in living colour on the radio at  94.3 FM from  Saint John’s  Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Mayfield,  -
Sunday at 9:30AM.
- www.holytrinityorthodox.com  from Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, Baltimore,
(Archpriest John Vass).  – Sunday at 10:00AM
This is offered for those who, for a serious reason, cannot come to church on Sunday for the celebration of the
Divine Liturgy. It is NOT a substitute for NOT attending Divine Liturgy in church on Sunday. God Bless!

Petitions offered up at the Augmented Litany of Divine Liturgy, during the Spread of Devastating Pestilence
- Again we pray Thee, O Lord our God, that Thou mightest mercifully protect us from the devastating pestilence
stirred up against us, and deliver Thy faithful people from spiritual and physical death; grant unto the sick healing and
health, and unto all of us Thy divine protection and help; we pray Thee, O kind-hearted Lord, quickly hearken and have
- Again we pray, that Thou mightest pacify the troubles of men and every fearful thing, compass Thy faithful about
with firm hope, and instill in our hearts quietude; we pray Thee, O Lord, hearken and have mercy.

Prayer read during the Spread of Devastating Pestilence
O Lord our God, enter not into judgement with Thy servants, and compass us about with protection from the
devastating pestilence stirred up against us. O kind-hearted Lord Who art inclined toward benevolence, have
compassion on us, Thy humble and unworthy servants, who fall down before Thee with broken hearts and hope in Thy
For Thine it is to show mercy and to save us, O our God, and unto Thee do we send up glory: to the Father, and to the
Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.
+   +   +   +   +   +   

                                                   GLORY TO GOD FOR ALL THINGS!

[A word to our Parishioners and Friends:   When making your Last Will and Testament, please, be sure to include Saints Peter and
Paul Russian Orthodox Church among your beneficiaries. The Church has helped, guided and nourished you throughout your entire
life. Making a final bequest to our Parish will help you and it will help your Parish. Pray and consider this.  God Bless you!]
+       +       +       +       +       +       +