A Brief History of Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church,
Scranton, Pennsylvania

Under the inspiration and guidance of Archpriest Alexis Toth (glorified as Saint
Alexis of Wilkes-Barre in 1994), a group of Eastern European immigrants in Scranton
organized the Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Brotherhood in 1896. This
Brotherhood was the genesis of Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church,
Scranton, Pennsylvania.
With the blessing of Saint Alexis, in March, 1897, construction of a church was
begun in Scranton’s West side at 1820 Division Street. Later that same year, His
Excellency Bishop NICHOLAS consecrated the newly-constructed church under the
heavenly protection of Saints Peter and Paul the Chiefs-of-the-Apostles.

The parish grew and prospered. Tragically, however, the church suffered a disastrous
fire on two separate occasions: first on 18 January, 1912, and then again on 24
February, 1969.

Following the second fire, the parish decided to relocate a block away on a tract of
land at the corner of Washburn Street and South Fillmore Avenue.  On 12 July, 1970,
the Feast of Apostles Peter and Paul, His Excellency Bishop DOSITHEUS blessed the
ground breaking for a new church.   Following the completion of the edifice, on 19
March, 1972, the church was consecrated and the first Divine Liturgy celebrated by
His Excellency Bishop MARK.

On Sunday, 5 October, 1997, the One Hundredth Anniversary of Saints Peter and Paul
Russian Orthodox Church, Scranton, Pennsylvania, was observed. His Excellency Bishop
PAUL celebrated the Hierarchal Divine Liturgy and solemnly blessed the refurbished
bells which now summon believers to worship.

The One Hundred and Tenth Anniversary of the Parish was  celebrated on Sunday, 14
October, 2007, the Feast of the Protection of the Mother of God.

The One Hundred and Twentieth Anniversary of the Parish was celebrated on
May 7, 2017, the Feast of Saint Alexis of Wilkes Barre.



Saint ALEXIS (Toth) of Wilkes-Barre
Founding Pastor
Father Alexis Bogoslavsky, Father Alexander Yanovsky, Father Sergei Bazilevich,
Father Alexander Lupinovich, Father Policarp Cherniavsky, Archpriest Ignatius
Lachno, Father John Hanziuk, Archimandrite Ioanicky (Krasko), Father John Kivko,
Father Peter Felenchak, Archpriest John Zeltonoga, Mitred Archpriest Dimitry S.
Kudrikoff, Archpriest Alexander Golubov,
Mitred Archpriest Basil Micek.

Liturgical Language: Church Slavonic, English
Calendar: Julian